About Us

Js Brain Toys is born from the idea that ‘play’ is important to children. Our brain toys are sourced from all over the world with their educational value taken into account. You are always welcome to play them before you decide to buy at our Play Centre. Js Brain Toys is founded by parents for all parents who care about their children’s happy childhood and healthy upbringing.


As parents of two, like many other parents, we've struggled with selecting appropriate toys for our children and fighting their request for tablets and mobile phones. So, since young, my kids have had the privilege of playing with a lot of toys and puzzles, and I’m happy they enjoyed them.

As a mother, we are always looking for interesting and educational toys for our little ones while ensuring it’s worth the money we paid for. Despite a house filled with toys, we’ve realised it is difficult to find good and variety of educational toys in Malaysia.

An idea came to us when we were on a trip to Japan. We were hunting for more toys for our kids. We took the courage to get one despite the Japanese scribbles on the instruction manual. Little did we know, the picture instructions were a no-brainer. So then we realised there is a whole world of opportunity for us to bring in those toys into Malaysia. However, of course, we'd need to encourage parents to go for it understanding the foreign language may deter them.

That was when the idea of a play centre came about. We do not want to just sell toys. We want to help parents to play along with them. We also want to help parents to avoid feeling like giving their kids mobile phones or tablets is an inevitable choice.

Also, these types of educational toys may be cheaper than tablets and mobile phones, but they are not easily affordable by many, especially if they want to try out many toys.

So the idea of a centre is an excellent choice for parents to save money while helping their children explore their world through play. So Js Brain Toys Play Centre aims to help parents bond with their children through play, letting them find the joy in life while learning outside of classrooms.